Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth Hour Singapore 23 March 2013

Singapore will celebrate Earth Hour 2013 from 2030 hours to 2130 hours today. Some of the most well-known buildings will be "lights-off" during the aforementioned hour.

Though Singapore celebrates Earth Hour today, this morning, I was quite surprised to see the corridor lights outside my HDB unit was still on even though it was 12 pm! On one hand, Singapore celebrates Earth Hour to do its part toward a Greener planet but on the other hand, some of these environment and eco-friendly messages do not really sink well into the hearts of Singaporeans like the case which I have just brought out.

Anyway, I think that Singapore can help, only to a limited extent to reduce the global warming as it is only a small nation. I believe our obligation to being environmentally friendly helps only in our standing in the world as a environmentally- responsible and green country.

Its getting too hot these days with the hot weather and the many construction going on around in the country.